1970s working timeline02132015

A Revolution of Sorts

1970s Overview: Lesbian Community Emerges

It Started In Amherst 1969-70

the Girls Club

Bar Dykes by Jacqueline Elizabeth Letalien

That Conference in Kent, CT 1971

An Intense Confluence of Radical Ideas: Umass Fall 1971

A Faux Girl Scout…

WAFs Against the War 1971

Lesbians in the Valley Women’s Movement: 1970-1973

“Green Street” Origins; 1970-78

Sophia Sisters  1973

Gay Men in ‘70s ‘Hamp 1970-73

Left, Gay & Green: A Writer’s Life – Allen Young

Dancing Wimmin: the Deadly Nightshade  1972+

Throw Back Halloween

Homosexual Bar Bombed in Springfield 1973

Mafia Bars and the Male Gaze by Jacqueline Elizabeth Letalien

Jacqbear: My First Herstory Buddy

Father Bob 1972-75

Dancing Wimmin: Lilith, the band 1973-78

A Spontaneous Outbreak of Wimmin’s Softball 1973-76

Amazon Publishing 1973-74

Beginning to Create Lesbian Space 1974-75

Gracious Guests at Green St. 1974

The Printed Word 1975

More Bands of Women 1975-79

Did the FBI Come To Town? 1975

Bars and the Violent Backlash  1975

The Lesbian Separatist War 1975-76

The Peak of Lesbian Enterprise 1976-77

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