Northampton’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer history within the context of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts: a work-in-progress by Kaymarion Raymond.

Including: personal narrative, summaries of existing literature, new research results, primary documents, timelines, links to other pertinent information, queries for further work, and commentary and contributions from the current community and past participants in this history.

Since sexuality as an identity wasn’t invented until the late 1800s by European physicians and didn’t become popularized in the U.S. until the early 1900s, a search for our LGBTQ for-bearers must be conducted within a much broader context of the history of sex or sexualness, including how that primal power was regulated by the dominant Patriarchal culture, often based on one’s gender, race/ethnicity, class or other factors. Among those who stand outside the sexual norm we may find kin, though all our ancient cousins might not have kissed.

Check for frequent additions as the many pieces of the story are identified, researched, written, posted, commented on, added to or corrected.

Kaymarion photo by David Parnell
photo by David Parnell

An Introduction to Northampton’s Queer History

and how the blog’s progressed;

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!    (how it began 2014)

A Blog? Really?

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Rough Outlines: Preview the Past

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  1. Love you Kay Marion! Your multicolored green ceramic “frog” that I begged you to give me in the early 70’s has consistently been a featured piece of art in my home! Over 40 of those years in here in CA. I have fond memories of you!

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