Still finding the fire, part 2: where are women’s music performers today?


Last week’s blog about women’s music performers and where they are now was such a hit that I’ve written part two.  The descriptions are a little shorter but only because I was pressed for time. This isn’t even close to a complete list. There needs to be a book … oh yeah, I’m writing one.

Toni Armstrong Jr with Alix Dobkin and Kay Gardner

Toni Armstrong is a bass player but is best known as the editor and publisher of Hot Wire, the Journal of Women’s Music and Culture. She retired and moved from Chicago a few years ago and now lives in Florida.

Jamie Anderson is some broad who writes a weekly blog and still gets her butt out for a little touring. Her bread and butter, though, is teaching music. She hates writing about herself in the third person.

Laura Berkson on left, with Leah Zicari, Mosa…

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Nov. 13 update. I’m deep into designing the From Wicked to Wedded: Northampton’s LGBTQ history blog and currently drafting or editing copy for “About;” “Why a blog;” an introduction; a Snapshot of 1968; and several pieces describing the pre-existing subculture to “Set the Stage” for the social revolution that started in 1970 in Northampton. My  super writing coach says the first drafts are “excellent: fun, fascinating and clearly written.”

I’m aiming to start posting copy by the end of the year or sooner as piece by piece I work out with you friends the bugs in the publishing process. So be sure to bookmark this site and check back in, or “follow” this website or “like” the  facebook page to get email or fb notifications when new posts are added.

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Stay tuned in, Kaymarion Raymond