Still finding the fire, part 2: where are women’s music performers today?


Last week’s blog about women’s music performers and where they are now was such a hit that I’ve written part two.  The descriptions are a little shorter but only because I was pressed for time. This isn’t even close to a complete list. There needs to be a book … oh yeah, I’m writing one.

Toni Armstrong Jr with Alix Dobkin and Kay Gardner

Toni Armstrong is a bass player but is best known as the editor and publisher of Hot Wire, the Journal of Women’s Music and Culture. She retired and moved from Chicago a few years ago and now lives in Florida.

Jamie Anderson is some broad who writes a weekly blog and still gets her butt out for a little touring. Her bread and butter, though, is teaching music. She hates writing about herself in the third person.

Laura Berkson on left, with Leah Zicari, Mosa…

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3 thoughts on “Still finding the fire, part 2: where are women’s music performers today?

  1. of interest to Valley lesbians; brief mentions of Linda Shear and Deadly Nightshade though many, many of women surveyed in these articles played here including Jamie. Jamie didn’t you live in the area?


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