A Faux Girl Scout…

Susan Stinson had asked the source of the button I used to illustrate the last post. I explained that I had brought it back from the second (1971) Stonewall March in NYC and, for the blog, scanned it  in button gay revolution 197103202015situ_pinned to my faux Girl Scout badge sash. The dark green cloth is visible background. In response to her curiosity about the sash I brought it to show  at our most recent meeting. My wonderful writing coach asked to see it worn and appreciatively snapped the photo below.

The faux sash was custom sewn for me by Marguerite “Peggy” Cookson. We were both living at Green St. in the mid-late 70s and I had begun to organize my overflow of papers into scrapbooks. There were a significant number of objects that rubber cement wouldn’t work on. Having once been a Girl Scout I re-imagined the traditional badge sash as a larger life reflection .

As Susan said in her original post of it on facebook, “Kaymarion Raymond wearing the most amazing Girl Scout sash ever, covered with tokens and buttons from her adventurous life, including all sorts of old political buttons, feminist and presidential, both; her dog tags; keys from the old boarding house on Green Street and many other very cool items. We were meeting to go over work on her history of queers in the Valley. She’s got great stuff coming up.”

girlscout sash by susan

Thank you Susan. I note that mysteriously, to me, her computer camera takes reversed pix. And speaking of stuff, coming soon will be an overview of the 1970s in Lesbian and Gay Northampton with a hot pink timeline that also caught her eye. Smile.


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