The Vast and Beautiful World of Indigenous Europe

Our Pre-History needs to be reclaimed as part of decolonization. Our sacred roots may be only remembered by our long gone from body ancesters, but if we are brave we can call them.  Lyla June speaks to this in her article in Moon magazine__ long long ago another aspect of history to value.

And then hear her song:

donate button? (news 2017)

For several years I have been trying to get a donate button up on this blog page to help defray the time and expense of this little side creation. I got the required Paypal business account. I printed out instructions three times following the observation that the WordPress-Paypal interface is difficult. And twice I have copied and pasted code. Alasses 😦  Now I read small print and find I need a paid WordPress platform.    For several years a feminist 501(C)3 has passed through a large donation to me, but it is not staffed adequately for handling lots of little ones.

fcpride by l's sister_edited-1

Franklin County Pride 2017 courtesy of Laura’s friend


I continue to slowly explore options for being more businesslike, but, while  the established regularity of the blog posts and steadily increasing readership are positive signs of growth, I find I am challenged to think  beyond the creation to its promotion. This is probably a basic conundrum for many artists.

I extroverted so much in November I have not posted here, but know several really deep posts are drafted and one will be in the air soon. Blessings to all of us to hold steady in our heart’s center as those cosmic storms sweep through.

UPDATE!!!! 2019. A computer genius friend  invented code to get the blog a donate button, bypassing the platform’s request for $25/month prepaid year in advance. So if you particularly like a post consider tossing a couple bucks my way. Every gift from you all really helps buy printer ink, books, computer maintenance, internet access, books, search engine subscriptions, paper, books, as well as my time earning the rent.