Housecleaning (Spring 2017)

February 2017 stirring of Spring cleaning; now that I’ve managed to post a couple dozen pieces, I am learning to organize them within the blog chronologically, by when the events occurred rather when I’ve written about them.

Starting today the content may be entered by page tab, with links to all the related pieces. Hopefully will allow a newcomer to enter the unfolding story by time period. “BC” and “1970s” has a good bit of content!  Try it out.


UPDATE 2019!!   Just added two more years of posts (links to) into the pages so it should be easy to read the stories in approximate chronological order.  Check out the tabs to BC and 1970s!!!  And I will soon be adding at least place holder content to more decades.

That Conference in Kent, CT

The 1971 beginning of this political movement included a dance. I briefly described in a previous post my distracted attendance at the very first east coast Lesbian Feminist Conference where I was introduced to granola. Smile. Here is another bemused contemporary account of that significant happening that I came across in the Ladder. It is really apparent that we were at the vaguest of definition stage and already scrapping. If anyone knows how to contact the author Anita Rutledge or who, if anyone, still owns a copyright on the magazine or this report please let me know.